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Saturday, June 25, 2011 | comments

Major contributor to and informal project leader of the IRCD-Hybrid software, occasional FreeBSD hacker

What I do:

Real time/systems programmer. I love writing device drivers. I have written linkers, modified assemblers. Modified a real time commercial single processor multi-tasking kernel into a message passing multi-processor multi-tasking kernel for 68k's, before VRTX came out etc. Lots of embedded stuff, micro processor work. I have worked on the BSD/OS kernel chiefly on the powerpc port (Yes, I worked for BSDi), I have dabbled with the FreeBSD kernel. I have done 808x assembler, powerpc, I can now read sparc asm, Coldfire (Really just a RISCy version of 68k), I have done asm for 6502/680x (6800,6803,6809) including writing my own DOS for 6502. I get easily confused between instruction sets now when I am not doing work on a specific one that is. ;-)

I have also done unix system admin as needed. I have worked chiefly on SUNos, some solaris, HPUX, freebsd,bsd/os systems, linux, and ancient SYSV (Anyone remember the Cadmus?). I've done sendmail, dns, innd, bnews/cnews, procmail, ircd you name it...

For my resume, You'll now have to ask me for it. Too many trolls on the modern internet.


I have been known to do a tiny bit of work on IRCD.

I am an amateur radio operator, callsign VA3DB

I am a musician.

Pet Peeves

people who send me email in mime format.
people who send me email in html format.
people who send me email in mimed html format.
animated gifs in web pages
java script in web pages for no good reason
slow cgi scripts in web pages
dead links in html pages (which is why I have finally cleaned up my page!)
web pages with huge graphics that take 15 minutes to load over a 28.8 modem
web pages with bizarre backgrounds that you cannot read the text on
Have I mentioned animated gifs yet? Esp. those "send me email ones" oh ya, those pulsating heart ones.
Anything thats not HTML, flash etc.
Oh yeah, those annoying background songs midis. If I wanted music while surfing, I'll be playing my own stuff thank you.
I originally said here "I despise CSS. If you want pretty pages, use postscript or dvi dammit." After talking to a few very knowledable web designers, I have been convinced of the error of my ways. See, I do change my mind! What I am really despising is the efforts of some web designers to lose track of the purpose of web pages, which is to serve information in the most basic form first, then worry about making it look "pretty." At least with CSS there is some hope to rationalise this mess. The important information is there, if you want it to look pretty, you can render the CSS
More about bad web pages

esr's rant
Top ten web mistakes
Worst of the web Ironically, their default pages uses frames. *sigh* However, they do manage to find some really bad pages.
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